People sometimes say “But one single can?”
One single can is of great importance. Because 99 is not 100, and that single one will make the difference.


Recently a friend of mine (a young filmmaker, co-creator of this beautiful upcoming documentary) lent me two movies from his most favourite picks.

“Waste Land”, one of the two, has become my favourite documentary of all time and the most enriching story I’ve came across this year.

I won’t tell you its actual story.

It’s not something you can summarise without losing a big part of it.

But I will tell you that this piece is full of heart and passion and strength and really can help you in raising your eyes and taking the courage to do one step forward in the direction of your inner believes.

It achieves the perfect balance between you, the camera and the people, the “catadores”.

It’s a rare token of the power of the human spirit and the proof that good people are very often hidden and humble, and go beyond every outline.


Work in Progress : 01

ITA: Settimane di fuoco, queste ultime: si lavora a un superprogettosegreto. Ecco alcune immagini trapelate dalla progettazione della mia ultima creatura. Parola chiave: IlovePVC. ENG: These last weeks have been really-super-busy since I’m working on a new super-segret project. Here’s a little sneak peek of the designing process of my last creature. Keywords: IlovePVC…

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GuerrillaCG and the Gimbal Lock

Lately I’m back working in Unity for a big A/V project.. While looking for a way to rotate objects via script, I found this old Youtube Channel full of many instructive tutorials on the concepts of CG, and I thought they were really great! It can be easy to think that Computer Graphics are just…

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Method of Action

  While following lesson 2 of the really great hackdesign website, I got into a beautiful online game in which the goal is to manually kern the characters of a word in the best way. I loved the game, and then I found out that the game is part of something bigger, namely, Method of…

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My latest work is over!

ITA. Finalmente dopo oltre un mese di crisi creative a cadenza settimanale e di scrubbing a passo-uno sulla timeline di After Effects, la mia ultima fatica è terminataaaa! Si tratta della prima volta che mi imbarco in un progetto di animazione così lungo in completa solitaria, e anche se 4 minuti vi sembrerà un nulla, sono davvero…

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